British terror official wants ‘fool-proof’ biometric borders

A senior British anti-terror official has said that “fool-proof” biometric testing is needed at the country's border to prevent terrorists sneaking in to the UK.

Speaking to in an interview with the Press Association, Neil Basu, the new senior national co-ordinator for counter-terrorism policing, made the call as the first anniversary nears of a deadly rampage by gunmen in Paris.

"Society needs to debate what's required. But in law enforcement, I'd say if you want security, you need to improve your biometrics at the borders.

Basu said multi-modal checks were needed to guarantee the identity of anyone entering the country.

“Everybody's identity should be checked as they come through a border in a way that is fool-proof. Fingerprints, iris scans, the documents need to be tamper-proof. What we need is a debate about what border security really means.”

“Just in the same way you can smuggle illegal firearms into a country, you can smuggle people into a country. And if one of those happens to be a terrorist, that's a big problem”.

Source: Planet Biometrics