Interpol calls for enhanced biometric data sharing

Global crime-fighting organisation Interpol has said the unprecedented threat posed globally by the volume of foreign terrorist fighters operating in conflict zones has raised the need to share biometric data across countries.

In a statement released following the INTERPOL General Assembly, meeting in Bali, Indonesia, the body urged countries to ramp up data exchange.

In particular, countries need to continue their efforts to ensure maximum contributions from all their national law enforcement agencies to sets of INTERPOL terrorism-related data.

Under national law and Interpol’s rules on data, this means considering the systematic collection and recording of biometric information focused on unique identifiable attributes, including fingerprints and DNA profiles, as an integral part of terrorist profiles shared though INTERPOL channels.

The body also said that countries should consider, as required and appropriate, requesting INTERPOL assistance following counter-terrorism actions, in order to support efforts to collect biometric data from suspects and convicted individuals.

Government could also enable systematic cross-checks against available data in the INTERPOL Information System and the issuing of INTERPOL notices or diffusions.

Source: Planet Biometrics