Fujitsu introduces online biometric verification service

Japanese tech firm Fujitsu has announced that it will begin offering a new FIDO-compliant service.

The company says the "Online Biometric Authentication Service" will initially roll out from early April 2017, starting with Japan.

Fujitsu says the service will provide companies that offer online services with the servers and software necessary to implement FIDO (Fast IDentity Online), services that support the construction of cloud environments, and also software development kits and development support for incorporating FIDO into client-side applications.

"Customers can use this service to easily build online personal authentication systems with robust security and that do not require passwords for a variety of day-to-day situations, such as online banking and shopping, ticket arrangements, and car sharing".

The firm says this also reduces the burden of getting online authentication services up and running.

In addition, because this service functions to use FIDO with facial recognition obtained through camera-equipped smartphones and other biometrics, Fujitsu says the number of supported devices on the client side can be dramatically expanded.

Source: Planet Biometrics