Israel to make biometric database mandatory

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri has announced that a biometric ID programme will be mandatory, with all citizens to be issued an ID card storing iris and fingerprint data.

Deri explained one will have the option to save their fingerprints in the database or only embedded in their ID cards and passports. The new biometric documentation will be valid for ten years. Persons with documents that are not biometric will only be good for five years.

However, Israel’s Digital Rights Movement has vowed to continue its opposition to the biometric database, insisting 70% of the nation is opposed to it.  

They oppose the required 'mark' on the grounds that it invades privacy, and also opens individuals up to cyber-hacking in the future.

In 2009, the Israeli Knesset enacted the ” Inclusion of Biometric Means of Identification in Identity Documents and in an Information Database Law”, 5770-2009 (the Biometric Database Law).

The law establishes arrangements to enable identification and authentication of Israeli residents by means of including biometric data in identification documents, in a manner that will prevent forgery and the use of a different identity.

Source: Planet Biometrics