Safran to provide French with video analysis solution

Safran Identity & Security's MVI solution (Morpho Video Investigator) is now used by the French National Police.

MVI was created by Safran and is the result of adding video analysis functions (including motion detection and license plate detection) to the company’s facial recognition software.

The integrated algorithms process raw video files and then detect important visual sequences before flagging them up for analysis.

This system has been used by the French police force since June 2016 in particular for the counter-terrorism investigations. French investigators have highlighted the gains in operating efficiency that MVI has bought and the potential benefits of a wider-scale use of this type of solution.

"This tool has allowed the forensic police to improve the way they handle video footage and we are now looking to optimize its use to make further gains in productivity during our investigations where time is of the essence," stated Dominique Abbenanti, deputy chief responsible for the forensic police.

"At a time when the amount of video data is rapidly increasing both in the fight against terrorism and in the field of public security, these video analysis technologies allow us to provide investigators with powerful tools to improve public safety", emphasized Anne Bouverot, Chair and CEO of Safran Identity & Security.

Source: Planet Biometrics