Twitter to restrict face recognition assimilation

Twitter has said it will block the use of facial recognition software that could allow users to scan the social media network’s database of more than 300 million accounts.

The developers of FindFace, which is powered by technology created by the Moscow-based NTechLab, told BuzzFeed News this week they were “ready to go global” with a Twitter integration.

Artem Kukharenko, who founded NTechLab with Alexander Kabakov, said he thought that the reaction from Twitter would be similar to how the Russian network VK responded to an integration.

“I think the reaction to the launch will be like it was in Russia. When we launched it there, VK said it was an interesting project and wanted to discuss it further.”

But this hasn’t been the case, with Twitter instead

Twitter spokesperson Nu Wexlar said in a statement that his company had played no role in the development of the software.

"Twitter does not have a partnership with NTechLab.

“When their use of our data was reported to us, we determined that it was a violation of our rules and shut them off from accessing our public API," he said referring to Twitter's Application Programming Interface, which provides a set of functions allowing access to Twitter's data.

“We take these types of violations very seriously, and are continuing to investigate," he continued.

Source: Planet Biometrics