Karachi Gov’t Plan to Install Biometric Attendance Tracking

City officials in Karachi, Pakistan, are preparing to implement biometric time and attendance tracking systems for city staff, reports Daily Times. The efforts are being undertaken by the Karachi Municipal Corporation and the Karachi Development Authority, with the former employing nearly 17,000 workers and the latter a little over 4,000.

The aim is to ensure punctuality and attendance, and to improve transparency and prevent fraud from government workers who are collecting salaries while failing to fulfill their duties. Daily Times reports that the KMC is aiming to have the biometric system installed in March of this year, and that the KDA will initiate an open tender procurement process. The specific modality of the system to be implemented has not been outlined.

It’s another example of the growing interest in biometric technology in the country and the region, with the Pakistani government having recently moved to link a major welfare program to biometric authentication, and a hospital in Peshawar having adopted biometric time and attendance tracking. Pakistan’s neighbor India, meanwhile, is experimenting with the world’s most ambitious national biometric ID program, which Pakistani authorities are likely watching closely.

Source: Daily Times