Apple has given its little iPhone SE a BIG upgrade

Along with a red iPhone and a new iPad, Apple has given the smallest member of its family some much-needed attention

The iPhone SE is Apple's answer to all these massive smartphones that are crowding the market.

Perhaps understanding that some of us don't want a phone that takes up our entire palm, the tech giant has been offering the little 4-inch gadget for a year now.

Today, along with a new red version of the iPhone 7 and a new iPad , Apple boosted the storage space of the little iPhone SE.

While it used to be available with either 16GB or 64GB of storage space, the new iPhone SE models are available with 64GB and 128GB of space.

The rest of the specifications remain the same. The iPhone SE is basically an iPhone 5S with the internal components of a 6S.

It's got a powerful A9 processor and a 12MP camera. It's also the perfect size for using one-handed. Unfortunately, unlike the iPhone 7, it's still not waterproof.

It comes in a choice of silver, gold, space grey and rose gold. Despite increasing the amount of storage, Apple has kept the pricing the same at $485 and $588 respectively .

Source: Mirror