Google announces Android O with battery saving features and more

Google has announced the beginning of the Android O developer preview. Just like it did with Android N, which went on to become Android Nougat, this preview is starting earlier than Android iterations that came before.

Most notable in the new software is its emphasis on efficiency. “Background limits” is a new feature in O and it looks to accomplish for your battery what Data Saver did for your wireless plan bill.

The goal is to make apps, both old and new, less taxing on your battery by making the limits more transparent for developers. If it works well in the final release, this is one of those features that could be big for supported devices.

Next up is picture-in-picture (PIP), which is rather self-explanatory. This allows users to continue watching a video while executing a totally different task. It’s an extension of the split window feature, but lets you get a full view so that multitasking offers more immersion and less compromise.

Notifications are also receiving some useful updates. Many will find it useful that notifications can be snoozed for a later time and the background color of each type is adjustable so that you know what's what at a glance.

Source: techradar