Programming; The Language of success

We are living in 21 century, the modern age. This age came into birth when a device named as “Computer” came into existence. Computer will be known to us as blank box, if it doesn’t know how to perform task i.e. calculations, writing, etc.

Why choose Programming:
Programming is language of computer, which means it the language of future. Everything in this world is computer oriented; whether its cars, home appliance, manufacturing machines or hospital instruments. Now a day the demand of programming is increasing which means the demand of Programmers are increasing worldwide. Living examples among us are: Mark Zukerberg (Facebook C.E.O), Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) etc.

What is Programming:
This all thinking process is not performed by computer itself. It is instructed to computer by “Languages”, which allow the computer to perform certain tasks when computer read them, and then computer tends to solve the problem.The set of instruction’s (Codes) allow the computer to understand the problem and provide the facility to solve it this is called “Program” and this whole process is called“Programming”.

Programming Languages are of two types:
 Low level Language:

This language is close to computer hardware which means they work in the form of “Binary numbers: 0 and 1”. It has two more subdivided languages:

1. Machine Language.
2. Assembly Language.
 High level Language:
This language is close to human language that means it can be written in form of English, i.e. print, input, output. It has further types:

 Procedural Language:
This 3rd generation language:
i. Fortan 
ii. Basic
iii. Cobol
iv. Pascal
v. C 
 OOP Language:
This language is Object Oriented Language; objects are collection of data and function. It has further types:
i. C++
ii. Java
 Non-Procedural Language:
       This is 4th generation language:
i. SQL
ii. RPG

How to learn programming:
         Programming is very advance form and elite Degree program, Proper education from a top computational university should be done. Accurate and effective Programming skill should be inherited from the practice and acute amount of hard work. The most important feature is that a programmer should have a logical problem solving skill then, he/she can solve the give problem by coding a computer program.

1. It is easy to use and modify.
2. It has a factor of inheritance of codes.
3. It has factor of reusability.
4. It has ability of Polymorphism.
5. It contain real world modeling of objects i.e. Gaming, Graphics, VR