DIY elements screen parts change iPhone 6

On the possibility that your iPhone 6 screen favorite physical injuries and that the screen was broken to no longer be recognizable, so no time wasted waste. Anyway, there are things you need to remember while doing this.

If you now have "Apple Care", then the DIY solution is purchased is not for you. Take a step towards self-substitution of the screen, the conditions will terminate agreement and you will not have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of "Apple Care". However, this makes no difference whether your iPhone 6 is still under warranty or because of the warranty does not cover some kind of physical damage or water.

Considering these factors will help you decide if you should continue or not. Make sure you have purchased a unique Apple iPhone 6 screen and alternative devices for the job. Some basic DIY steps are suggested here to guide you to the screen of substitution of the iPhone 6.

• Start the procedure by removing the base screws removing a pentalobe screwdriver. The removal of these screws loosens the lid.

• To remove the broken screen, you can use a gadget that iSlack a suction glass for the reason. In any case, the screen should be evacuated mostly with iSlack and the rest should be deferred shortly after posting from different connections and connections.

• Remove the PCB connector and connectors. The method continues with the expulsion of the earpiece, the camera, the proximity sensor, the light sensor and the receiver.

• By distributing such assemblies and connections, you must be vigilant because most of them are installed with cement and excessive use of quality, parts can be damaged.

• The focus on homemade evacuation gatherings and home hanging. The decision is set with cement so that the flex accumulates, which is attached to the screen, and you have to avoid tender damage.

Exactly each of these pieces • After evacuating, you will discover the LCD background plate lined with 7 Phillip screws.

If you have removed the old plate LCD display, you can present the new screen and lay all the parties deliberately in a good demand expulsion. It will be better if you write the whole procedure one by one, so if you re-enter each segment, you can refer to the hints and prevent failure.

To get help or direction you can also see two or three records online sign of reflection to show what to do when you delete parts of the iPhone screen. It is a really simple process, but you should be careful throughout the procedure. Do it in a continuous session.