Why Programming?

Before we go into the subject of 'why programming' first let us realize what writing computer programs is. 

Writing computer programs is the technique for taking a calculation and encoding it into a documentation, a programming dialect, so it will be executed by a PC. Or, then again in simply straightforward words "Writing computer programs is a dialect of guiding a PC through an arrangement of directions." 

There are diverse sorts of programming dialects utilized, for instance: 

· Python 

· PHP 

· C dialect 

· JAVA and that's only the tip of the iceberg.. 

So why programming? What's so BIG about it? Why is it imperative? 

The principal thing, 

In this day and age everything is done on PCs; 

From sending an email/a report or even as basic as a photo to a far off partner/companion/in respect to having a vital meeting on Skype! 


Having a PC/portable PC has turned into a need for each and every person as it is quick, extremely solid and simple to utilize. 

So it's said that if PCs are a piece of your life, then figuring out how to program will support your life! 

The principle motivation behind why individuals get the hang of writing computer programs is on the grounds that they need to make a profession by make sites for organizations or versatile applications. 

That is by all account not the only reason you have to master programming; programming can likewise help increment the effectiveness and efficiency of a man too! 

How you inquire? 

We should take a case of a Youtuber; 

I trust everyone knows youtubers' identity? For the individuals who don't have a clue about, Youtuber's are those individuals who transfer every day content on YouTube. 

A Youtuber in the wake of recording a video needs to alter and transfer it, correct? 

Be that as it may, it's not a simple as undertaking, there are distinctive viewpoints he/she needs to deal with for making the recordings alluring; there is sound, there is Video, there is Animations and so on. Since they must be sorted out; they make an envelope for each of them so the individual does not get befuddled what to put where? 

Presently! Making an organizer for each of them as per the scene can be tedious; it would essentially take hours just to arrange it! 

On the off chance that that individual knew nuts and bolts of PYTHON; he would have the capacity to make a script asking him, what number of organizers do you need? What might be the name of the envelope? Et cetera; and that was it! He would simply spare hours of cerebral pain of arranging by compacting it into three basic strides or something like that. 

It is not said that everyone ought to wind up noticeably a developer or anything like that. Be that as it may! Everyone ought to know at any rate the nuts and bolts of it. With the goal that they can work sagaciously and increment their profitability.