Eoghan McDermott opens up on his battle with mental health

The radio host admitted that when we was asked to be an ambassador for suicide prevention charity Pieta House, he felt he had to come clean about his struggles with his own mental health.

"A while ago, I was asked to be an ambassador for Pieta House,” he told the Irish Independent.
“When I got to know all the great work they did [helping to prevent suicide and self-harm], I felt a little disingenuous being involved without being honest about my own situation.

Tough time: Eoghan opened up on his struggles | BRIAN MCEVOY
“So I did a little YouTube video-confessional about a period I went through about six years ago.”

The TV personality revealed that at a time about six years ago, his career was going from strength-to-strength – but on the inside he was seriously unhappy.

“I was in a good place in my life in terms of work. I was hosting a drive-time radio show on a famous London station, Xfm. But I had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend.

Advocate: Eoghan regularly speaks out about mental health | BRIAN MCEVOY
"I had never had any kind of emotional adversity before and I just didn’t handle it well. I thought that this was going to be a long-term relationship and then, when it ended, I found it very difficult to process, and that manifested itself negatively.

“I went through a period of self-harming and a little spate of depression. I was a bit withdrawn in myself. And also, I was in a new place, so I wasn’t surrounded by my regular family and friends.

“I’d just moved city, and it was much easier to mask this stuff. I had a lot of distractions and my life was very busy and exciting. I enjoyed that, but it was in the quiet moments when I’d drift off somewhere else and self-harm.

Support: Eoghan got help by talking to a friend | BRIAN MCEVOY
Eoghan said that in the end, opening up to a friend about his struggles helped him get out of that “daunting place”.
“In the end, I opened up to a friend who was in a similar break-up situation, and he gave me great advice.
“Once you make that breakthrough by talking about it, the world becomes a much less daunting place. Ever since then, I have taken care of my mental health, and now I feel very resilient,” he added.