Google Car could try to grab hit pedestrians

Google is looking at ways to make its vehicles safer, especially for pedestrians in case of a collision.

It recently received a patent for a sticky coating for its vehicles, which may help reduce pedestrian injuries during a crash. This adhesive layer, once its thin protective coating is broken, will grab whatever hit the vehicle.

If this happens to be a person, it should prevent them being thrown off the hood, which in turn would prevent secondary impacts and injuries.

"The adhesive bonds the pedestrian to the vehicle so that the pedestrian remains with the vehicle until it stops," the patent reads. "[Pedestrians are] not thrown from the vehicle, thereby preventing a secondary impact between the pedestrian and the road surface or other object."

Reducing pedestrian injuries in the case of an accident sounds like a great idea. But we don’t really want to be picking a crow off the front of our car. The other question is how do you get this system replaced and how much will it cost?  Powered by Total IT