Iraq takes internet offline to prevent exam cheating

Iraq has been shutting down the internet over the weekend to prevent students from cheating on their exams.

According to DYN Research, a company that tracks web outages, internet access was blocked for three hours on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning. These periods of downtime coincided with the final exams for students.

This approach was also taken last year, though there was some scepticism at the time that this was the reason for the outage. However, director of internet analysis at DYN, Doug Madory, told Vocativ that the outages coincided with the exams and nothing else emerged to dispute the explanation.

Human rights group SMEX acquired an email from an internet service provider warning customers about the outages, citing orders from the communications ministry, while Earthlink posted a similar notice to its Facebook page. Iraq's Ministry of Communications is yet to comment on the shutdown. Click here for more info...