There's at least one Xbox One VR game in development

Microsoft is expected to announce some virtual reality plans at E3 this summer, and there’s already at least one VR game in the works.

The Xbox One doesn’t currently have VR capabilities, nor does it have a VR-compatible headset. But a “well-known European studio” has told Ars Technica that it is working on a “new VR game” set in the universe of an established, long-running franchise.

This mystery game’s working title features the word VR and it will also be released on PC and PlayStation 4. The E3 demo is likely to be on one of these platforms, but a PR rep told Ars Technica that an Xbox One version is planned.

Recent reports have indicated that Microsoft will announce a new, more powerful Xbox One at E3, which will be compatible with the Oculus Rift.
E3 takes place on June 14-16.