Uber Trip Tracker feature lets you follow your family members

Uber users will now get an alert whenever a member of their family gets in a taxi

Uber's latest new feature will let you know whenever a member of your family gets a ride.

The Trip Tracker feature is an addition to its Family Profiles program, a kind of group subscription which lets a single person pay for the rides of up to 10 people.

Trip Tracker works by alerting you whenever someone listed in your Family Profile orders a car.

For example, if your teenager is coming home from a friend's house, your phone will buzz when they enter the car. From your mobile, you'll be able to follow their journey in real-time, making sure they get home safely.

Trip Tracker is now available worldwide. If the Family Profile button isn't showing up in Uber's 'Settings' tab, try updating the app.

The feature essentially expands the 'Share my ETA' button, which allows riders to send real-time maps of their location to their friends. 

Trip Tracker triggers automatically, however, to make sure you know your family members' locations at all times. Read more...