Upgrade your Pebble with GPS and more battery

The Pebble Time has been around for almost a year now, with the original Kickstarter campaign ending in March 2015.

At the time, one of the big promises behind the product was the ability to add extra functionality via Smartstraps that connected directly to the device. But today we still don't have any commercially available examples.

That's all about to change with Pal Strap.

It's an add on smart strap which brings GPS to Pebble, letting users track their activity without having to use a phone. And it can also extend the battery life on the Pebble by up to 7 extra days.
The product is now up on Kickstarter, here's the pitch from Chinese company Powerstrap.

It also has the backing of Pebble itself, which will be contributing some funds and including Pebble Time units as part of some of the rewards. Provided the GPS works half as well as they're promising, it seems like a no brainer for Pebble users who are fond of running.
At the time of writing, Pal Strap is over a third funded with 29 days to go. Get more info over here.