Waterproof Smartphone Camera Modules

The DxO One iPhone Module Promises Streamlined Photo Setups

The DxO ONE iPhone Camera Module is an upgraded smartphone camera mount that is designed to make it easier than ever for enthusiastic iPhone photographers to go about their business while enjoying the convenience of wireless control and the peace of mind that comes with a fully waterproof, outdoor-proof sheathing. 

What makes the new DxO ONE iPhone Camera Module such a stark upgrade over its predecessor is the fact that it comes with features such as Wi-Fi Remote Control, that makes the whole process of wireless photography more streamlined by allowing your device to share authentication information with the contraption. The device also features a waterproof shell that can withstand the heaviest of deluges. 

With its rugged structure and wireless communicative abilities, this camera module is intelligently designed to cater to the specific needs of smartphone photographers.