WiFi Speed-Tripling Routers

The HooToo Wireless Router Increases Speed and Strength of Connections

Internet speeds are getting faster but many users utilize older routers to access them, so the HooToo Wireless Router is engineered to help offer a solution.

Capable of providing up to three times faster WiFi connectivity, the router offers 802.11ac WiFi that will supercharge gaming, movie streaming and data transfers.

One of the biggest issues for WiFi users is maintaining a strong connection that reaches all sectors of the home. The HooToo Wireless Router solves this with four antennas that offer a wider coverage that's more stable than ever.

The router also enables printers and other USB 3.0 devices to be utilized at blazingly fast speeds. Dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands enable users to spread out their devices on different channels to maintain enhanced speeds.