Trump's sons run the business — and keep tweeting about their dad

Donald Jr. and Eric can't talk to their father about government, but that doesn't stop them from supporting his policies in public.

President Donald Trump has promised not to involve himself in his company’s decisions while he’s president. But his adult sons have no responsibility to stay out of politics while they mind the family business.

In recent weeks, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have re-emerged as their father’s most ardent cheerleaders, defending the president against perceived slights, helping raise money for Republicans and rallying supporters for the nascent 2020 re-election campaign – all while prominently serving as the faces and behind-the-scenes managers of the family’s valuable brand.

They say they’re following the letter of an ethics arrangement that states they’re not to talk about the family business with their dad, and in turn that the president shouldn’t discuss government business with his sons or the company’s executives.

Last Saturday, during a GOP fundraising dinner in Dallas, Donald Trump Jr. insisted that his interactions with his father have been minimal since the inauguration. “I basically have zero contact with him at this point,” he said, according to NBC News.

A White House spokeswoman referred questions about the presidential family to the Trump Organization. In a joint statement to POLITICO, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. defended their right to speak up about their dad’s White House work while simultaneously running the family business.

“We do not have any role in the current administration and take the separation of the Trump Organization and the office of the president very seriously. With that said, we will always be supportive of our father, the man he is, the values that he instilled in us and will express our own views publicly as we see fit. Our father has the most important job in the world and we could not be more proud of him,” they said.

The brothers – who have maintained a full travel schedule in recent months opening, exploring and promoting Trump properties from Uruguay to the Dominican Republic, Dubai and Canada – have found plenty of ways to communicate with their father and his administration.

Source: Politico